top of the morning

[my friend's drink; i liked the color]

TODAY IS GRADUATION. It's so surreal, it doesn't even feel like it. I wanted it desperately to be outside at Victory Field, but thanks to the impending rain, the WHS graduation will be inside the gym for the 4th year in a row. It's going to be cramped and sticky. FML.

Yesterday, I went shopping with Jeff and my friends Rachel & Eva. Our main goal was to find a gift for our orchestra teacher. We ended up buying him a "money tree" because we remembered he liked gardening and that stuff. That was basically it. I really like walking around malls when there's not many people. Note to self: go shopping weekday mornings.

We also went to see the movie Up last night. It was very cute. Go see it!

I have graduation rehearsal in it a bit. Still angry about it being inside....BOO.



  1. Just stumbled across your blog :D~

    Congrats on graduating, high school/college?

    Up was an awesome movie, wasn't it?

  2. i really want to watch "up"

    have a great weekend :)


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