one year & counting

Jeff and I celebrated our one year anniversary yesterday, even though officially it was June 12. I can't believe it's been a year already. Sometimes it feels like we've been together for years though!!

We had brunch at Victor's, a small diner place at the edge of town I've never been to. I'm not a big fan of breakfast food, so I can't eat too much. For some reason they always give you huge portions at diners... I got a tomato omelet that came with toast and potatoes. Jeff got a more lunch-type meal, gyro sandwich, fries, and that hash stuff we love.

After, we decided to go mini-golfing! Jeff wanted to take me all last summer but we never went. We went to a place in Middleton where they had the best ice cream too, Richardson's. Jeff beat me on both courses. Yeah, I'm not very good at mini-golf. The place kind of smelled funny though, because of the water. It's probably because of the cows they use for their ice cream or something. We both got cones after, I with black raspberry and Jeff with Crunch-a-saurus. Or however you spell it.

Using the handy GPS, we found the nearest movie theater at some mall called the Liberty Tree. I think it was in Peabody or somewhere near there. We went to see The Hangover, which I thought was pretty funny. The mall itself was very strange. I don't know how to describe it.

The car ride home was supposed to be a half hour...yet for some reason every highway we went on decided to have construction 10 'o clock at night. So I didn't get home until 11ish.
Today was a lazy, relaxing day. It's what the rain does to me! The rain is nonstop, like we're in Washington or something. I thought it was June. COME ON.



  1. hey congrats on your anniversary.
    i always complain about love, but it's only because i've never been in love and therefore i don't really believe in it. but real love is good. enjoy it.
    hmm... that pic made me want ice cream...

  2. I read about Richardson's in my newest Travel & Leisure mag! I thought the name sounded familiar. Happy Anniversary again to you both. :D

  3. I want to go mini-golfing !!


    heehee happy anniversary~ [late] >.>


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