oh prom oh nine

When the day of prom finally arrived, I actually wasn't that excited. It was kind of a gloomy day at first, and it rained. But then the sun came out and everything just seemed exciting again.

[My lovely date & I]

[My corsage]

I got some last minute things that day, and then went to get my hair done. I got home later than I wanted, so I kind of had to rush to get ready. Jeff came to pick me up, and we headed to my friend Eva's house. Everyone in our limo met there. Our families took a bajillion pictures before we went off to the Hyatt Harborside, where the prom was being held.

[Posing for the camera]

I was worried we were going to be late, but we weren't. We took some more pictures and had some drinks before we were allowed into the Grand Ballroom. Inside, there was a buffet and we ate before people started to dance. I danced with Jeff of course and my friends. My knees started to hurt, haha. Good thing we could take our shoes off or else those would have killed!!

[What I ate]

[Some of my friends]

After prom, we went bowling at Boston Bowl. People looked at us funny in our prom dresses & tuxedos, but oh well. I was tripping over my dress the whole time so I didn't bowl so well...

The limo dropped everyone off, and I hung out with Jeff the rest of the night. I got home at four in the morning, and slept until like one in the afternoon!! It's the latest I've every slept, haha.

I'm uploading my photos onto Facebook right now. I wish it would hurry up!!



  1. omgg that looks awesome!! :D you look so pretty shirley!!! i love your white dress~ boston bowll lol, the only thing i like about that place is the ddr machine XD i suck at bowling and pool..

  2. oh wow you looked absolutely gorgeous!


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