the weekend in a nutshell

I'm overwhelmed by the allergies. The constant itchy eyes and stuffy nose is killing me. And the medication doesn't help either. So I keep rubbing my eyes and blowing my nose. One of the downs of spring.

But the weather's been looking a little better. This weekend I went with Jeff to get a tux for prom. I still need to find shoes and a purse to match my dress. And I'm still waiting for my dress to be back from the tailor's.

I also went bowling with Jeff and his roommate from college, who brought some of his friends. I'm not very good at bowling but I wasn't the worst! Jeff is very competitive so he gets mad when I beat him. Which is every time :]

On Mother's Day, my family went to dim sum and I spent the day with my mom grocery shopping and shopping shopping. Other than that, nothing much happened...

Tomorrow is my AP psychology test!! I should really get cramming because I don't know a lot. But I'm confident that I'll at least pass. And after the test our teacher is treating us to ice cream.

And it will be that much closer to the end of senior year.


photo - cobra snake

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