cinco de mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I'm not sure what celebration that even is in the Hispanic world. I think it's like celebrating some battle...I always get it confused with the Day of the Dead. How shameful, considering I've been taking Spanish for almost seven years now. Oh and funny coincidence that the Spanish AP test was today, haha.

Last night I got to see Lady Gaga and Kelly Clarkson in concert! Lady Gaga is simply "fantastical". Kelly Clarkson's got a good voice, seeing as she did win American Idol! I would share lots of p
hotos, but I don't want to spam my whole page. So if you're my friend on Facebook you can see them.

[Leotards 24/7]

[Our feet hurt from standing]

[Bubbly awesomeness]


[The two books I'm currently reading, one for class & one for leisure]

[My new gladiators!]

[Late birthday present from a friend, so cutely wrapped]

Listening to Lady Gaga now just isn't the same after seeing her live.



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