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Even though the end of senior year is approaching quickly, there's still many obstacles to go through.
My AP psychology test is next week...I should study a lot more. I think I could do very well if I studied enough. But there's not drive in me to study. Oh, senioritis.

[In three weeks, my smile will be this big, if not BIGGER]

Things I Have to Do or Submit:
  • prom ticket(s)
  • class trip payment
  • community service hours
  • independent reading fair project
  • who am i? project
  • math fair project
  • psychology project
I'm on a roll with blogging. No life, I tell you.


I just realized how similar the picture in this post is to my new profile picture. I laugh out loud.

Photo - cobra snake


  1. Hahahah similar pics or not they're both cute & so happy!!

    Good luck with everything on your list. I hope you can knock some out early so there might be a tiny bit of free time left over to enjoy!

  2. hahaha! i love your picture
    i can't wait till my summer too!
    i hope you have fun at prom :]

  3. wishing you all the best with all your tests and projects.
    muah x


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