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I've been horrible this week, not blogging for days! But there's a reason for my absence. As my final days of school are coming down to a close, I'm being bombarded by projects and essays. So not cool! But here is the long Memorial Day weekend so I thought I'd write an entry when I had some time.

On Wednesday night, it was the spring concert at my school. My last concert of high school, the last I'll ever play in that orchestra. It's kind of sad because I'll probably rarely touch my violin again
when I go off to college. I'm not planning on joining the orchestra at my university or anything. But maybe I'll try private lessons again? I didn't appreciate them back then!

[My moment of glory]

[Personality poster I did for psychology class]

I went on probably the first (and only) field trip this year on Thursday. It was a ridiculously nice day. Really sunny and warm for once. It is nearing the end of May after all. We ate lunch at Chipotle first because the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum doesn't open until 12:30. I don't like burritos. All I have to say. We went on a tour inside the museum. I always hate tour guides because they talk a shitload. SALLY kept asking us to interpret the art when I just wanted to walk around and look at everything myself. We didn't even get through all the sections!! I would like to go back another time because it was just a beautiful museum. The history of the museum is quite interesting too, but I'll spare you readers. It's too bad we weren't allowed to take pictures.

[The courtyard inside the museum, so pretty]

When I got home from the museum, I had a fever of 102! I think it was a mild heatstroke. It was unfortunate I had to complete my final project for contemporary literature that night too.

Yesterday, my high school was a ghost town. Literally no one was there. The last three Fridays of school are skip days for the seniors, so the majority of them weren't there. The junior class decided to have their own skip days too, so not many of them were in school. And then most of the freshman and students taking physics went on a field trip to Canobie Lake Park. I should have skipped because it was such a waste of a day! It was in the 90s and everyone probably went to the beach.

But after school Jeff picked me up and he brought me some dim sum because he thought I was still sick. But I'm all better. We ate and finished the drama we were watching. The rest of the night was basically a joyride. We were going to walk around Harvard Square but it is extremely difficult to find parking. So we rented another movie and called it a night.

It's dropped back down to the 60s today. Damn New England weather! It better not be like this for my prom or graduation. Speaking of which, I have to do some last minute shopping...



  1. Wasn't the concert WEDNESDAY night?

  2. Oh right! It's usually on Tuesdays haha but they changed it cause of MCAS or something

  3. You're too cute!

    ISG is an amazing museum, when I went to MassArt I loved looking at it from the tower.

    Must follow you on teh Twitter!


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