sunday shoe shopping

Yesterday, I went shopping with Jeff, my mom, and my grandmother at Wrentham. I needed to buy some last-minute stuff. I only got my shoes though, but it's better than nothing! I still have to get a few things...

Along with my prom shoes, Jeff bought me the pair of shoes I've wanted FOREVER. They're from last season, so I looked everywhere for them online. I bid on them twice on eBay and lost both times. I eventually gave up on them. When we passed by Nine West yesterday, I didn't even think they'd be there. But Jeff was like you never know...so we looked. AND THERE THEY WERE!!!

There's a minor flaw in them that I only noticed when I got home. Nothing big though. New shoes are the best. I love you Jeffrey <3>

My last week of high school begins tomorrow. It's scary and exciting at the same time. It's too bad I still have some psychology assignments to do. But there's a bunch of senior activities coming up, so hopefully it'll be fun.


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