wild wednesdays

I'm just kidding, my day wasn't wild at all.

It was an early release day at school today, so we got out at 12 o' clock.

The only reason that was my title is because Jeff and I decided to go eat lunch at Wild
Willy's. I'd never been there before even though it's close to home. It's a burger place, so we both got different types of burgers and onion rings.

I took a couple of photos:

[Our meal]

[Mural on the wall - look at the animal-shaped clouds!]

[His burger, cause mine wasn't as "pretty"]

After, we just sat on the couch watching a random Korean drama borrowed from the library, My Lovely Sam-Soon. It's okay, but getting better.



  1. aww, that is sweet :D
    where is this place?

  2. ah hem it was wild! :(
    you didnt mention are long walks and stuff


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