"a world gone gala"

Warning: Lots of rambling.

Friday night was the International Gala at Clark, so naturally I went to support Jeff. It just so happened that Friday was the one day the sun decided not to shine and it rained instead. So I waited in line outside for almost two hours...would have been worth it if I got a front row seat but even though I was practically first in line, all the "VIP" people got in before me. Boo.

But despite those annoyances, I enjoyed the gala very much. It reminded me how much I missed performing in high school, since I'm not in an orchestra in college or anything. Maybe next year I'll do something...lol. I tried taking photos but since it was mainly dances it kept blurring. No fancy camera for me. And my camera battery was dying as well.

I was starving after and so Jeff ordered us wings (yay) and we ate before going up to a friend's to hang out. They ordered wings after we ate haha. I usually get quite bored at these things watching people play drinking games, but that died out after a while and everyone ended up sharing stories of the horrible roommates past. It was very entertaining and nothing like I had to deal with.

It was a good night. Jeff and I agreed that international kids are a lot more fun to hang out with.


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