rainy day, cozy robe

I thought jury duty would be at least a bit interesting, but it ended up being a total bore. I don't think I'm supposed to talk, much less blog about this, but there's really no confidential information...I basically waited for four hours in the courtroom as the judge called everyone up one by one to determine their eligibility to be a grand juror. As my luck would have it, I was number 134 out of 136 people! When I finally got up there, she excused me for being a full-time student. UGH WHAT A WASTE OF A DAY.

However, I was able to stop by the mall after for a quick, late lunch. Also bought a cute pink-and-white striped robe that reminds me a lot of all the cute roomwear that Gelato Pique or Barefoot Dreams does. It matches a bunch of the fuzzy socks I have :3


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