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I made Jeff take me to H&M first thing this morning so I could check out their Conscious Collection. We went to the Newbury Street store because they would have the best selections! I only intended on buying these scalloped shorts I really wanted, but somehow ended up with more...it's because Jeff made me. His exact words: "If you're going to drag me out first thing in the morning, you better make it worth it." Take not we hadn't slept all night yet!

So, I got a top, a tunic, two pairs of shorts, a dress, and a pair of pants. I need to stop buying things that are white and blush pink...

Oh, and while we were waiting for H&M to open, I checked out Border's next door because they were having their final closing down sale *tear*. I bought four of the teeny-bopper books I used to read - don't make fun of me. They're kind of nostalgic in a way. I started reading them when I was like a freshman and now that the series is ending I have to see what happens...plus they were 70% off!

We went to Porter Square to get ramen after. And then we went home and passed out for a good 10 hours...


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  1. Ah H&M purchases can definitely snowball out of control! But it's all a good price & good, green material xD


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