a quick summary of today

Jeff and I decided to eat at Texas Roadhouse! Probably one of our favorite steakhouses ever since we went for my birthday two years ago. Took pictures of my drink and the baby blossom, but I totally forgot about the rest of the food until I ate like half of it...guess I was too hungry!

I've wanted to try this Maybelline mascara for a while, but I finally got it today after Nina recommended it to me! It was also on sale, and there was a $1 off coupon on it as well, so why not? I haven't actually tried it yet since I already had mascara on today.

Now it's a part of the Volum' Express family :)

I have to go do homework now...boo!


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  1. YAY! You ended up getting it! How do you like it so far? I can't get enough of maybellene mascara's they are all so fantastic!


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