I'll try to condense this as much as I can without rambling, but no guarantees...!

Thursday. I went to the orthodontist hoping that he'll finally be able to make me that new retainer, but it turns out I have to get braces again. I have already suffered for four years of braces already, and then four years of teeth freedom, but now I have them back on...it's really unfortunate. Basically, after I got my wisdom teeth out, my teeth shifted and blah blah blah so the bottom teeth are a bit crooked again. On the bright side, it's only braces on the bottom, so I can still smile without showing them off. But still, BRACES AGAIN!?! He estimates for a year and a half. FML.

Friday. I had stayed up for my orthodontist appointment, so I wasn't tired when nighttime came around. So, I decided to watch the Royal Wedding when 5 AM rolled around. I tried to force Jeff to watch with me but he got bored. Kate Middleton's (excuse me, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) was pretty in my opinion, even if it was a little plain in terms of Alexander McQueen. I liked her sister, Pippa's, dress too. The whole Middleton family is pretty good looking actually. And Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip are really cute old people. I'll stop rambling.

Saturday. I went to work. Supposedly the most eventful day for most people, but not me.

Sunday. What else but shopping? I went to the Natick Mall with Jeff and his mom, got some frozen yogurt of course and picked up some new things! I got a dress, shorts, and socks from F21, and then stopped by Lush to get the lotion and soap the made specifically for Japan Relief. Jeff's mom bought another Louis Vuitton bag on impulse again...! Afterwards we all went to see Fast Five in IMAX at the Jordan's Furniture. A very good movie if you like Fast & Furious. Make sure to stay until after the credits roll ;)

On a side note, can you believe it's already May? I have so much to do before the semester ends, but it's not really sinking in!


P.S. And Osama Bin Laden is dead.

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