keeping it small

I am finally done with exams! I wish I could say summer is starting now, but I actually have so much still left to do...sigh. But for now, I'm sharing some cosmetics that I've bought recently. I'm trying not to buy new clothes since I have so much I still haven't worn...if the weather was better I would wear them! Damn you mother nature.

I bought a few things from NYX when there was a 50% off sale going online on selected products. These lipsticks were originally $4, I think, so I got them for $2 each. I tried getting colors I would normally never wear just to try, but I ended not really liking them on me...the left shade is "Lala" and the right shade is "Femme". I like the product itself though, so in the future I'll just stick to the safe shades!

This blush I also got from the same site, but it wasn't on sale. I wanted to try it though after I saw one of them YouTube people wearing it and I was like that looks really niceeee. The shade is "Terracotta"; it's a shimmery coppery bronze. I like it a lot! Oh and it was $6.

Yesterday I stopped by Target to buy one of those travel soap containers to put the bar of soap I bought from Lush in. I don't like leaving it in the shower by itself cause then it'll like dissolve when you don't even use it! I also picked up a nail polish from Revlon that was on sale. The shade is "Black Star" and it's a shimmery black. Since I don't own a black shade I was like why not? I've never bought a Revlon polish before, but the smell is like 10x worse than other polishes...I did get a coupon for $2 off another Revlon polish though! And I also picked up the new issue of People Style Watch as you can see under the polish haha.

I think that's it for now. I'm planning a American Apparel haul post once I stop feeling lazy enough to take photos. Toodles!



  1. Hey I was just wondering how did Femme look on you? Because as an Asian girl i've found that most red lippies make me look dark and dull and I haven't found a good one yet. Although, from your picture it might look a bit more orange than red? Thanks in advance :).

    The ladies at the MAC counter said my skin is actually cool despite being Asian and told me to go for a blue based lippie - honestly, I cannot tell at all whether a red lipstick is blue based or not!

  2. i want to borrow that style watch! :)


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