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I'm not a hardcore Utada Hikaru fan, but when I heard that she was coming to Boston, I bought tickets immediately last November. The concert was last night, and I like her a lot more now. In my opinion, she's better live (and prettier, haha).
So no personal photos of inside the concert cause there were no cameras allowed. But luckily I found a good one floating around online.

It was at the Paradise Rock Club, which is pretty small. But as Utada said, "more intimate". Jeff and I didn't start waiting in line that early, but we still got a great view. She was literally like 5 feet away!
It was annoying that some fool named DJ Mike Rizzo tried to entertain the crowd beforehand, which tur
ned out to be like an hour of bad techno. And I would really like to bitch-slap that girl behind us that wouldn't stop trying to push in front of us and also sang along horribly. But whatever. The highlight of the night was at the end when Utada threw a couple of autographed baseballs and my amazing boyfriend caught one.

Today Jeff and I went to work at the restaurant where I over-binged on greasy food. Then we got ice cream before going back to the dorm and eating more Chinese food while watching Nip/Tuck.

I feel extremely fat & unhealthy.


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