it's like a horror movie

Spontaneous trip to visit my love got me stuck on a train delayed an hour because of the rain. It wasn't too bad though. I spent it reading blogs, as usual.

Guess it was a bad day for a surprise visit since Jeff had a field trip to a Buddhist meditation place. But I tagged along...and drove through some very scary dark woods and Massachusetts became more rural until we arrived to this place down a narrow dirt path in the middle of nowhere. Spent the next hour sitting uncomfortably on a cushion listening to some random guy talk and forcibly trying to mediate in silence. Thank goodness we had an excuse to leave early because I couldn't take any more religious babble...no offense.

The drive back was equally frightening, as there were hardly any streetlights. But we survived. Decided to get Chipotle for a late dinner and it was very satisfying as I did not eat anything all day. Went to watch them practice their skit for the International Gala and I'll call it a night after I spend some quality time with the computer. Teeeeee.


photo - we heart it

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