breakfast at starbucks

I dreamed about Starbucks last night and woke up craving a frappucino. So Jeff and I went to the only Starbucks in Worcester, which has a drive-thru. I've never seen a drive-thru Starbucks before until I went to Seattle but to my surprise there was one here, teehee. We both got frappucinos and breakfast sandwiches. Even though it was like three in the afternoon...

I took photos but I don't have the camera cord so I'll probably upload them to our food blog instead :)



  1. why were you in worcester in the middle of the week. have you been skipping school.

  2. I love Starbucks drive-thru's except they are a bit difficult to find :P Sounds like a wonderful start to the day!


  3. Frappuchino's are awesome..whatever the time or day!

    One Love,

  4. thats not the only starbucks in worcester =) ive never been to that one actually with the drive through...

    the other one is on west boylston st... its across the street from shaws ^.^


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