just another sunday

Tax free weekend means shopping. Actually, practically every weekend means shopping. Yesterday Jeff and I went and opened a new contract and got new phones. Mine's not here yet though so I'll wait to blog about that ;)

Today was our day off so we went back to the Galleria for like the third time to see if his glasses were ready. I don't know if they just put it in the wrong place or what but they couldn't find them for the longest time. But in the end he got them, FINALLY. Jeff actually got a lot more stuff today (than I did, for once!), but I did get the jacket I wanted from H&M. It's gonna be my fall weather staple. I really don't want fall to come though...

Jeff won't stop playing with his new phone. I want mine now!!
I'm impatient, teehee.


photo - the killing moon

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  1. you always find the most perfect pictures for your posts. i like.


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