rain rain go away

Been taking a mini vacation from work for the last few days of summer. But it's not going as planned since it's been raining nonstop for the past couple days. Guess I won't be going to the beach until next year...it's still a nice to have a break though.

Today I woke up pretty late. Last night I stayed up playing with my new iPhone, which actually came in last week but the guy called the wrong number to pick it up!! But now it's in my hands so I'm happy. I'm still waiting for the case I ordered so I'll be super extra careful with it.

Also went to a coin-op laundromat for the first time ever since the washer is still broken. We loaded all of our laundry in the extra-large washer and whilst putting in $5 of quarters, the coins slot gets jammed and we're like WTF! But then Jeff got it unstuck and it was a success. We went to CVS while waiting and left with beef jerky, magazines, and nail polish.

Had a late dinner at Shabu-Zen. We went with Jeff's mother, brother and his fiancee. I usually like hot pot but it wasn't that good tonight. Hmm.

Now I'm back online and playing with my phone, downloading and discovering a whole bunch of stuff. I'm going to be so distracted in class now.


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