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Senior year has a lot more work than I expected it to. Maybe because it's all coming down at once. But soon it will be a lighter load, when I am finished with all this college stuff!! I am the most horrible procrastinator. My final deadlines are this Thursdays - and I have 5 more supplements to complete. I better get cracking...

Yet I am blogging. How ironic of me. I just feel like doing a complete review of all my colleges...

Boston College
BC is my dream school. But there is a very small chance I will be accepted, as I am not Catholic and none of my family members are BC alumni. Only a miracle would gain me entrance!!

Boston University
One of my top choices. I love Boston and don't want to go away!! But I am afraid BU is too big and too city for me. And it'd really help if I knew what I wanted to study.

Brandeis University
I don't even want to go to Brandeis. My mom is making me apply. I'm not getting in anyways!!

Bryn Mawr College
My only out-of-state school in Pennsylvania. Bryn Mawr is one of my several all-girl schools. My mom wants me to stay in Massachusetts, so there is a very small chance I'd go.

Simmons College
I consider this one of my safeties, as it should be fairly simple for me to get accepted. I don't really want to go here though. Also all-girls.

Smith College
Another one of my all-girl schools! I think this may be too far away from the city for me.

University of Massachusetts - Amherst
UMass is another safety for me, but I'm not really considering going there. It's like in the m
iddle of nowhere, and way too big. My mom thinks I should think about it because it is a state school and would be good financially.

Wellesley College
My last all-girls school and the hardest one to get into. I think Hillary Clinton is an alum. Yeah, not getting in but used to be one of my dream schools.

Wheaton College
Also one of my first choices. My worries about going here though is that it's too small and too far away from Boston. But it is close to Providence. We'll see.

Let's fast forward to April right now. It's going to be so nerve-wrecking waiting for all those letters...


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  1. Hullo there. I think I found your blog off of Jen (sushi-cat)'s :D? Anyway, good luck on your selection!!!

    I used to work down the street from Bryn Mawr & Villanova Unis and a lot of the big uni's in PA are fairly clustered together :D Lots of fun!!

    Anyways, staying close to home is nice when you need the support...and weekend home cooking XD



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