ring, ring

Here I am again, procrastinating to the max. But I am hoping with all my heart that there will be a snow day tomorrow. I could use a day to just relax after midterms. Today doesn't count with this memoir I have to write for my contemporary literature class.

I took this photo yesterday when I was at my grandparent's. I was in a rush and forgot to bring my iPod, which entertains me a bit. But I had my camera so I just took random photos. The phone in the front is mine, the LG Venus. And my sister's pink Motorola Razr is behind there, which actually used to be mine. My sister just lost her phone the Razr is its replacement, haha. She hates pink. But I love pink <3>

[I need to get a new charm]

Random, but I've been looking to buy a gel eyeliner because I've heard they work and look a lot better than pencil and liquid. Pencil doesn't stay on very well and liquid is very harsh looking. I was reviewing the different brands and decided I would get the M.A.C Fluidline. Yeah, I get distracted very easily when I do schoolwork.

[Not in purple though]

I should get back to that memoir.

Please snow.


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