18 candles - part II

Today was my actual birthday!! How exciting; I'm finally 18 and "legal". Oh yay. I can buy cigarettes, porn, and lottery tickets, because of course I want all of that. (Note the sarcasm). It kinda sucked having to get up and go to school after vacation. My friends decorated my locker for me, that was a plus in my day. I got more homework than I expected, but it wasn't too bad.

Jeff took me out to dinner at Shabu-Zen for this special day. I've never ate hot pot outside, so it was pretty cool. Shabu-Zen is very nice and the food was good too. It was fun to cook our own food haha. We had vegetables, beef, pork, seafood, and udon. Oh, and red bean soup for dessert. We also stopped by McDonald's after for some more dessert. I'm full...PICTURES!!

I'm never going to be a kid again!!


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