supermarket trip

Chinese New Year is coming up - Year of the Ox. I'm so excited. Too bad I can't take the day off from school because I have midterms. Poo.

Well today I went to Chinatown with my mom and we went to the Chinese supermarket to start prepping for the new year!! I picked up some stuff for myself as well.

[how the Chinese organize in the supermarket]

[random magazines & jelly candy]

I also stopped by Panera Bread with my boyfriend afterwards to eat some broccoli cheddar soup. It was in a bread bowl - adorable!! I don't really like the bread because they use sour dough but the soup was delicious...

Tomorrow is the dreaded day I have to clean entire house. But after that, I'm going to go shopping!!


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  1. oh my, i cleaned my room last night too and today i did some shopping :D but i didn't really get anything

    aww sucks you have to go to school on chinese new year >_< good luck on your midterms, and those jelly candies! yumm


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