i (will not) swear

In my psychology class, we are currently studying how humans learn. As a side experiment, all the students (and my teacher too) are choosing something they want to change. For a period of time, we're going to try to change that behavior. I am going to stop swearing!!

Now, I don't really care that I swear. I don't think I'm that bad off, like those people who feel the need to drop the f-bomb every other word they say. But my mom gives me that look whenever I swear and my boyfriend said I had a "potty-mouth" the other night.

In order for this to work, my teacher said we must come up with: a daily reward, a daily punishment, a final reward, and a final punishment. For my dailies, I decided that if I swore, I cannot go online to read my favorite blogs (gasp!). And the finals are buying myself something nice or giving away money to a friend. I'm going to have to stick with words like "drat".



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