chinese new year's eve

I've spent the whole day at home. It's Chinese New Year's Eve, so my mom has been doing a lot of cooking. And I, have been sitting here doing my Spanish project. But getting distracted about every 10 seconds. A PowerPoint should not take this long, as Jeff said to me. He came over before and helped me a bit. His presence actually helps since when he's watching me, I won't stray to other sites...

We ate pretty early, which is good because it feels like I still got some time left in the day. My grandparents were here and so were the cousins. There was a lot of food but it didn't seem as good as the previous years. Maybe I've grown out of the traditional Chinese food. Oh no!

On a side note, I've developed a fascination for Lady Gaga. I really liked "Just Dance" before it became uber popular, and right now I can't stop listening to "Poker Face". Near the end of the video, she has this really cute hair bow. I attempted it, but my hair is too short. Fail. And I'm no good with hair anyways. I just comb it.

Argh I have to get back to my project!!


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