Tomorrow I'm going out to dinner with some friends as a birthday celebration with them. It was supposed to be a surprise as to where, but I accidently found out. Even though no one's going to see this (or get me this stuff), I'm going to post some things I would like to recieve as gifts:

American Apparel Double U Long Sleeve Mini Dress in black
I recently became addicted to A
merican Apparel. All of their basics are staples in any closet. This could be the little black dress every girl should have.

American Tri-Blend Long Sleeve V-Neck in athletic grey
I've wanted a grey sweater for a while and this one's cute. It looks warm and cozy.

American Apparel Le Sac Dress in navy
This dress is so cool! It comes in lots of colors and it can be worn a number of different ways. Awesome.

Apple iPod Touch
I have an old hot pink Nano, but I didn't really care about getting a new one. Until now. I want to be able to go on Blogger and Twitter while I'm in school!

Juicy Couture Choose Juicy NY Lanyard
Usually not a Juicy fan, but I've been looking for one since my old onigiri rice ball kept falling off. It's chic~

Juicy Couture Leather Shoulder Bag in buttercup yellow
I despise thos
e velour Juicy bags, but I love this leather one. It's in my favorite color too!!

Marc Jacobs Rubber Boot
s in black w/ pink lining
Rainboots are a necessity when it's wet outside. I can't wear my Uggs and Minnetonkas everyday!

Minnetonka Tramper Hi Boots in brown suede
Speaking of Minnetonkas, these are the pair I originally wanted like 2 years ago. I have black mini ones and black fringe ones but I need shoes that aren't black, haha.

Sony Vaio CS in cosmopolitan pink
I'm going to ask for this from my parents as a graduation present. But isn't it pretty?

I wonder what gifts I will get...


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  1. LOVE the mini dress from AA!! Yea, usually the best b-day gifts are from yourself b/c you know exactly what you want.

    I'm not big into Juicy Couture either but their bags are often a total hit to me!


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