year of the ox

Happy Chinese New Year!! 新年快乐!! I hope everyone had a good one, regardless whether or not they follow the lunar calendar. I celebrated by waking up to a vegetarian breakfast and then had dinner at my grandmother's. Even though the festivities are just starting, I've gotten quite a few red envelopes already. I love how Christmas, my birthday, and Chinese New Year all follow one after another. Roll in the cash $$$, haha.

[CNY Eve]

[CNY 2009]

I think my midterms went pretty well today. Actually, I didn't end up presenting in Spanish because I forgot to save the PowerPoint as the old version, which the school doesn't have. Yeah, Vista doesn't work unless I convert it. So I'll be going on Wednesday, during class. If we don't have a snow day (crosses fingers!). And my statistics test was fairly straightforward. I was fretting about not studying enough, but I'm sure I go at least an A-.

But one more day of midterms: tomorrow I have AP Psychology, and then String Ensemble rehearsal. I have some major studying to do, as no one tries in that class but she still gives us a ton of work. But after it's all over, I'm going to Harvard Square to hang out and eat lunch as a super late birthday thing with my friends from school. Yay!

[My sister Kathy and me]



  1. love it


  2. Happy New Year. I know that the ox is Obama's year so he should have a good one hopefully.


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