I went to Target yesterday because I really wanted to get out of the house.

Here's a random review of two things I bought from Maybelline:

Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector

I've been looking for a good inexpensive concealer to cover up my sleep-deprived eyes. I read some good reviews on this one, so I gave it a try. I think I got it for around $8? I was impressed with this one! It was very liquid-y and sheer, but still provided good coverage. I also liked the highlighter it came with, which really brightened my eyes. Hooray!!

XXL Volume & Length Washable Microfiber Mascara
I bought this one a whim because it was on sale for $5. It has a primer on one side, and the mascara on the other. Though it wasn't a bad mascara, it wasn't anything special either. It lengthened, but I didn't really see any volume. I tried it without the primer o
n one eye and with it on the other, but there wasn't much of a difference. Overall, a good basic mascara.

I have no homework today since the semester is ending tomorrow. So I'm watching a Chinese drama called When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West.

It's Friday tomorrow! Lots of Chinese New Year celebrations this weekend.


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  1. I have the mascara too...personally, I don't prefer it :T Good concept, not effective formula though.

    WOOT for no homework! And WOOT for CNY celebrations!!! I don't know where all the Chinese people are here ;_; It's weird.


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