weekend update

I feel like I haven't blogged in a long time. But it's only been two days. Can you believe it's February? January passed by so quickly! Here's an extensive weekend update:

As usual, my boyfriend picked me up from school and we just spent some time together. That's all we do Friday nights, haha. We picked up some take-out to eat and continued watch
ing that drama. It's so...dramatic!!

The mall near my house had the grand opening of Forever 21 on Saturday morning. The first 200 people in line received a $21 gift card. I went with my boyfriend, sister and friend, but we underestimated the amount of people that would be there!! The store is HUGE though. It's really pretty too. There were so many clothes, and I saw lots of things I liked. But I didn't want to wait in the super long line. Yay for being close to my house.

[Geese were crossing the street!]

My boyfriend and I then went to Chinatown to drop my sister off somewhere, and then decided to eat at Penang. We had the yummy Indian Pancake for an appetizer. Jeff got pad thai and I got something with rice and beef. I forgot what it was called. For dinner, we celebrated my cousin's birthday. He's 14 now!

[My meal at Penang]

Today has just begun. I'm doing my homework (aka wasting time online) and then we're supposed to have people over for a Chinese New Year thing. Red envelopes and food, awesome!! Oh and it's the Superbowl today. I never used to watch football until I met Jeff. Now it's not so bad. I'm rooting for the Cardinals.


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