love is in the air

I really didn't want to use that cliche saying for my title, but I couldn't think of anything better. Valentine's Day was a couple days ago, but I haven't had time to update until now. Plus, I need to get photos of the day from my boyfriend's camera!!

So on oh-so-special February 14, I first had to get some financial aid stuff done. It wasn't too bad, because I discovered some coincidences with the guy who was help
ing us. He used to be a guidance counselor at BLA, and was assistant coach for their volleyball team. Coincidence, huh? Even funnier, he mentioned that he wrote an article about parking in Chinatown, and I actually read it back in August, in the Sampan!! He printed me out another one of his articles before we left, haha.

But let's get on to the rest of the day. When I got home, Jeff surprised me with roses and he bought me a couple gifts - which he really didn't have to. We went to dinner at this bistro in South Boston, Hamersley's. It was very lovely, the way they set up the tables with heart confetti and candles. It was the fanciest place I've every been too, and we were both the youngest people there!

There were four courses, and we could choose from several dishes. We both had the Maine Crab first, and then the Creamy Scallop Bisque. For the main course, I chose the Bone-In Beef Rib Steak while Jeff had the Pan-Roasted Lobster. Then it was finished with a dessert plate with a little sorbet and pastries. It was all very tasty, and I was stuffed. They also had little cute boxes that had a cookie and chocolate in them for us to take home.

Afterwards, we went back to my house to watch more of that drama we're so addicted to. That's all we do when we're not out!

On Sunday, we watched some of the drama again before going to Porter Square. I bought the Sweet magazine I wanted, with Namie on the cover. Too bad she only had about four pages in it. But it did come with a cute tote by Charlotte Ronson. I'll find some use for it... We ate at Tampopo, which was a bit disappointing. The food was good, but the portions were disappointing. I'm sticking to my shrimp tempura udon next time.

For dinner, I had to attend this Chinese New Year Banquet (still!) at Emperor's Garden. We had to wait very long for the food, but I guess it was worth it. We wanted to leave a little early, so Jeff, my younger sister Kathy and I decided to go. But then when we got back to the car, we found out the car battery died!! Silly Jeff left the headlights on. So we had to call my dad and get him to jump-start our car with his. Alas, it was fixed and we went back to my house and - what else? - finished the day with another episode of "When Easterly Showers Fall On the Sunny West."

That might be the longest entry I've written thus far. I'll probably update a bunch this week - because it's vacation!!! I'm so looking forward to sleeping in everyday.


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