cosmetics haul

I've gotten some new cosmetics over the past week...I really need to stop spending money. But I can't help it, so I should get a job. I'll be in debt before summer gets here.

Dior Iconic Diva To Go Set
I've been looking to buy this mascara, and this was a limited edition s
et online. For what would have cost me just the mascara, I also got this cute case and a mini lipstick. I like the mascara, but it can't beat the original Dior Show. It doesn't hold curl as well, but maybe when the waterproof version comes out...

Iconic Diva To Go Set

Sephora by OPI Daily Hand Moisturizer To Go
A spur of the moment purchase. My hands are dry from the winter cold. It smells good.

Daily Hand Moisturizer To Go

L'Oreal Paris HIP Color Truth Cream Eyeliner
I said I was going to try cream eyeliner, but after much debate of which one was the best, I decided to buy this one. It just so happens there was a price cut at Target, lucky me!! That saved me $5. I like cream eyeliner. It's less smudgy than pencil, but not as harsh as liquid.


Oh, silly me.


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  1. i have been getting cosmetics lately too! i guess once you buy, you keep buying! but i am definitely done with my cosmetic purchases for now =)



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