the 100th day of school

It's feels so weird. 55% of the school year is done now. Actually, more for me because I'm a senior!! So it's probably more like 60%. My last year of high school...

I went to a meeting after school for Word Painter, my school's literary magazine. We're trying to get more people to submit in time so we can publish it. I'm actually editor-in-chief, haha. Sadly, I think the quality is going downhill as the students are...

Valentine's Day is coming up, huh? I usually get my friends candy and make them little Valentine notes, but I've been feeling very lazy this year. I should have just sent them carnations that our school does every year. But I did walk to CVS after my meeting and picked out a card for my boyfriend.

I gave my sister the cord the my camera, so no uploads for a couple days. But I'll edit.


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  1. omg 100 days already? :D that means it's almost over~
    i wouldn't know if you didn't metion it lol. can't wait till summer!!


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