"you're not girls, you're athletes"

I was looking through the online archives of the Watertown Tab, my town newspaper. Being the dork I am and avoiding my psychology paper, I decided to search myself. There were several articles which my name was mentioned, for academics and volleyball.

It was so random, but I realize I really miss volleyball. I don't think I'm very athletic, but it was one sport I was good at. It still disappoints me that we never won a single game in my two-year varsity experience. When we were a club sport, we did. It's still an honor to have played since the very beginning of the existence of Watertown Volleyball.

My title is something my Coach used to say to us. He would also say "Don't be sorry, be better," because we apologized so often, and "Water makes you weak!" when we would be out of breath and in dire need of a drink. But I think it made us stronger.

Here's the most recent article:

Still searching for their first point of the season, the Watertown volleyball team lost at Burlington 3-0 on Monday.

“We weren’t on top our game in this one,” Watertown coach Pat Bemis said after the match. “It is one of those games where we couldn’t do anything right.”

Watertown was its most competitive in the opening set.

Reading 3, Watertown 0

Despite the same 3-0 final, the Raider girls performed much better Friday when they hosted Reading. The girls played their best set in the third match when they were on the losing end of a 25-17 match.

“We didn’t play too badly in this one,” Bemis said. “But we are still learning what it takes to win.”

Bemis praised the play of junior setter Alina Bazarian for her hustle and senior Shirley Choy for her passing.

[Top: Purple & Yellow Day in our school gym; 2008]
[Bottom: Volleyball night @ Masco High; 2007]

I wanna play again...


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  1. It's good you had such enjoyable times playing even if you miss it now!


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