march madness

It's not quite March yet...but it's not even basketball that I'm talking about. Fellow fashionistas will know that March is when all the magazines start debuting spring collections. I wish the warm weather would come sooner so I can wear it all. The Japanese magazines this month especially caught my eye. Although I only regularly buy ViVi, I might need to make some more trips to Kotobukiya...

Egg: I've never bought an Egg because it's more ganguro-style. I don't think Kotobukiya even sells Egg. But I like this cover.

Gisele: The cover is a reprint from an old issue of Elle Girl, haha. Only I would notice that. But yes, Gisele is good for high fashion.

Glamorous: It's so simple and pretty. Hehe.

JJ: The last JJ I bought I didn't really like it because the style was too working-chic and conservative. But I heard JJ is becoming more like ViVi, so who knows?

Numero Tokyo: I also haven't bought one of these in a while. I like the gradient and I saw previews of Jessica Stam (the covergirl)'s editorial, which I loved.

Pinky: I like covers with multiple models on them. The more the merrier! My favorite Pinky model is Emi Suzuki, the one with the hat. She's also an actress.

SCawaii: It's Namie Amuro. Need I say anymore?

Sweet: There's always cute furoku in Sweet. But I don't care for fuzzy socks...I do like Rinka though.

I see pink everywhere.



  1. i used to buy japanese magazines when i was younger..


  2. ah, the other day i went to harvrd to return a scarf at urban outfitters and then spent all that money at porter and bought 5 magazines. i got JJ, CanCan, Ray which i thought was good this month (march issue) and Spring and Cutie wasn't that good, but i liked the freebiee i guess


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