report cards

I just blogged about this in my Xanga, but what the hell.

We got our report cards for the second quarter on Friday. I really didn't want a C so I could get on Honor Roll, but I already knew on that I would in Contemporary Literature. Ugh. I'm waiting until my mom asks me about it, or else I'm not showing it to her.

Here's what I got...

Contemporary Literature: C+
AP Spanish: B+
Pre-Calculus: A-
Statistics: A+
AP Psychology: B+
String Ensemble: A

I wouldn't be as upset if our class rankings weren't final now. But they are. I'm not sure what I am, but I think it's 12th or 13th. And that 3.998 is keeping me off Cum Laude. Sigh.

I've turned into such a slacker.



  1. hey i think your grades look good
    my report card has a lot more C's and B's than A's, so good students always baffle me
    anyway, i like your blog

  2. wow, thats not bad at all
    if you see my grades you would freak out :D cheer up


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