lazy sunday

I am extremely tired today. I slept for a good seven hours, but I am still drowsy. I think it might be because there were too many pillows on my sister's roomate's bed. I like one pillow. It doesn't hurt my neck. And also, it's drizzling outside...I don't like it. I have another headache, so I don't even know why I'm blogging.

A summary of my day:

~ Woke up kind of stiff at my sister's dorm. She was still sleeping so I proceeded to use her MacBook to catch up on reading some blogs.
~ Continued to read and watched Phantom Gourmet as she showered.
~ Packed up my things and got ready to leave.
~ Got picked up from my boyfriend and bought some Jamba Juice on the way.
~ Went to Porter Square for lunch and my new magazine.
~ Took a nap.
~ Now I'm home online, as usual!!

[So happy Marie is on the cover...she needs to be inside more though]

I feel like sleeping...but it's such a waste of time. Not like I have anything better to do though. Oh this sucks, I have to go back to school tomorrow!! Hopefully my teachers will go easy on me.


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