lash stash 2

If anyone was reading my blog when I first started it, you'd know I got the Sephora Lash Stash 2 as a gift from my sister. I've been meaning to do a short review of all the mascaras in it, but I haven't gotten the time until now!! It includes the following mascaras:

[Trying to be artistic.]

Cargo Texas Lash
This is one of my favorites in the set. It gave my lashes volume and definition, but wasn't clumpy at all! I also liked the scent.

DuWop Lash Venom
I like how natural this one looked on the eyes. It was kept my lashes soft, but still had some volume. An average, everyday mascara.

Korres Deep Colour Mascara
A very natural looking and lengthening mascara that smelt slightly like beans.

Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash
I knew this one would turn out clumpy when I first looked at the brush. Nevertheless, it had a lot of pigment for defined lashes. I recommend using a lash comb.

Sephora Atomic Volume
I'm not a big fan of plastic lash combs, since they tend to be pretty clumpy. This one is not too bad, but it still does a bit. It provides lots of definition though!

Smashbox Bionic Mascara
Lots of length and volume in this tiny tube. And it's not too clumpy, like some of the other ones.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes
This "4-in-1" mascara claims to increase curl, length and volume. It does have a lot of volume and length, but not much curl. It's also a bit too clumpy for my taste.

Too Faced Lash Injection Pinpoint
I was hesitant about the small comb in this one, but it proved to handy. The wand can reach every little lash. It is a bit clumpy though.

Urban Decay Big Fatty
Big Fatty is supposedly fattening. This one is also one of my top choices. It was rich and soft, and added volume to my lashes.

Vincent Longo The Curl Mascara
This one is very natural-looking. But it didn't really curl. Oh well, I use a lash curler religiously anyways!

I'm very picky about my mascara. They need to be ultra lengthening, with some volume, and no clumps. I am still using Dior Show because I haven't found anything better! I'm thinking about getting their new Iconic one. It has plastic bristles thought... I'll let see how it is.


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  1. cool :O you have so many
    i don't know how to use mascara ToT i tried it before... i bought a bottle at cvs but when i put it on my eye turned black all over hahaha >O< so then i didn't even think about it afterwards


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