hot winter nights

On Saturday night, I was at Mohegan Sun for the AVP (association of volleyball proffesionals) "Hot Winter Nights" Tour!! My older sister found tickets for it a while back and thought it would be fun if all three of us (sisters) went together. We all play/played volleyball in high school, so we love the sport. Oh how I miss it.

Basically it was a mini tournament kind of thing. Men and women professional beach volleyba
ll players playing volleyball. I don't like beach volleyball as much as court/team volleyball, but it was still fun to watch. My sister and I wanted to practice a bit the next day for fun, but then it ended up snowing!!

We got a picture and autograph with Sean Rosenthal, who playe din the Beijing 2008 Olympics!! How exciting it that?

[My older sister Judy, Sean Rosenthal, Me]

[Our autographed merchandise]

[Blurry jump picture, haha. My younger sister Kathy, Me, & Judy]


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  1. it took so long to arrive?! oh well, i'm glad it arrived anyways. and i hope you will find the calendar somewhat useful, this year =)



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