I was finishing up my college applications today. One of my colleges had an option of uploading a photo of yourself. I was looking through all my photos, wondering which one I should send in. And I decided on this photo of my mommy and I.

I remember that day, June 9, 2008, I think it was. It was the day of my junior cruise, and after weeks of shopping, I finally found a dress I liked!! When my eyes laid on this BCBG Max Azria lace beauty, I convinced my mom to buy it for me.

That was a fun night. Lots of dancing and sweating!! I only hope prom will be even better.


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  1. Aww what a lovely photo :D A Junior CRUISE?!! I've never heard of such things...o_o!! Anyways, the dress is super cute and again, good luck on your apps!!

    PS: I recently moved to Hartford, CT...you mentioned your purchasing Jmags in Boston? I'm trying to figure out where's the closest I can get my fix of Non-no ;_; It's either Boston or NYC for me. I can't seem to find anything remotely Japanese in CT!! So sad...so sad.



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