Write something between the “[ ]” to complete the sentence.

Right now the time is [4:00 PM].
My name is [Shirley].
I live in the state of [Massachusetts].
[Eva] is/are my best friend(s) and we met [in 2nd grade].
My first pet was a [rabbit] named [Licorice].
My hair is [black] and [boring].
I was born in 19[91].
I am taller than [5’3"].
My eyes are [brown] and I [am okay with] them.
I wear [up or down] everyday.
I listen to [Japanese] music.
My birthday is in [12] months.
I am [happy] around people.
My best friend would say I am [unpredictable].
I [check the time] when I first wake up.
Right now I’m wearing a [white shirt] and [my volleyball sweatpants].
I [sing] in the shower.
I graduate(d) in the year [2009].
There is [junk] in my refrigerator right now.
My shoes are size [6].
I own [many] hooded sweatshirts.
I wake up at [7:00 AM] to go to school or work.
I [love] dancing.
I am good at [editing spelling & grammar].
I used to play with [dirt & worms] as a kid.
I went to [school and the mall] yesterday.
I’m feeling [lazy] right now.
Right now the time is [4:04 PM].

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