bright summer days

I've been being lazy and putting off blogging, but just thought I'd share a couple things I've bought the last couple days. Jeff and I went to Harvard Square the other day and I was controlling my spending pretty well. But Jeff always has to be an enabler! So I just picked up three of American Apparel's neon nail polishes. I like their nail polishes because they have cool colors and relatively inexpensive! Got the three warm colors - neon red, neon orange, and neon yellow! I'm wearing the neon red on my toes right now (you'll see below)!

Yesterday I went in search for a pair of sandals. I was having no luck online with two pairs I really wanted - both sold out of my size and the color I wanted. Jeff was being a hardass about making me buy a pair of sandals because he hates to hear me complain...haha! So I went to find this pair that I saw at Nordstrom's a while ago I quite liked. They were on sale online, but they didn't have them at the store. But then I remembered I also saw them at 344, so I went there - and just my luck! They were even on sale for $40, down from $60 :)


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  1. i was just going to dedicate a post to new nail polish! haha.


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