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Today I went to see Transformers : Dark of the Moon with Jeff! I remember I didn't really like the second one because there was too much transformer fighting action going on, but I think this one has a good balance of action and...humans? I might be bias because I like Rosie Huntington-Whitely. Her acting wasn't bad, so that was a relief! The movie was really long though. Like 2 1/2 hours! My butt always hurts after sitting through a movie.

Of course after we went to eat and decided on Italian, since we've been having a lot of Asian cuisine lately. Jeff's favorite, Fiorella's, was still under renovations so we decided to try another place, but they were closed for vacation or something! So we were just like let's go to Bertucci's. We haven't had very pleasant experiences there in the past (bad service and mediocre food). This time the food was still disappointing....service was still meh...so never again. I posted some photos even though it look kinda nasty.

I put a shopping ban on myself so don't expect too many purchase entries :(


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