The long weekend has been over for a couple days, but I will still blog about it and and then some! On Independence Day, my family had a BBQ of course! Jeff and I stayed there for a bit before deciding to go see a movie. In the years past we would go to his relatives' house that is situated right in front of a park that lights fireworks, but we decided to skip it this year. We went to see Monte Carlo, just for Leighton Meester. It was an okay movie - I could tell Jeff didn't enjoy it very much! It' okay, we compromise on the movies :)

Yesterday, Jeff and I seized the opportunity to go the beach again! After much weather checking the past couple weeks, it was going to be the hottest day we'll see in a while at 92 degrees! I wish my skin wasn't so sensitive to sunlight or else I could enjoy it more, but I always appreciate a nice beach day. We lounged in the sand for a bit and then jumped into the cold ocean when the heat got unbearable. And then we had a nice lunch at Brown's! I didn't take any pictures on the beach though because I left my iPhone in the car for security reasons. Food pictures are always available for you guys though!

I am suffering the consequences of yesterday's activities today with the redness everywhere. Thank goodness for makeup that conceals it!


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