chocolate love

I feel like I haven't been shopping in forever, when in actuality it's probably only been about a week! Our schedule doesn't work with regular mall hours, haha. But I got to make a quick mall run today because Jeff got out of class early.

First thing I got was the Charlotte Island body tint from Lush. I've come to the sad realization that conventional tanning in the sun isn't for me. My skin is extremely sensitive to both the sun and sunscreen. What's up with that?! I like being tan but I'm not a big fan of regular self-tanners because they smell and Jeff always complains. So I decided to buy this body tint! The only thing is that it's only a tint, so it washes off in the shower. I guess it's better than smelling like nasty tanner - it smells like chocolate!

Another thing I got were these nose pore strips from F21 - I had already picked up two tank tops and was standing in the checkout line when I saw them. Jeff and I decided to get them for fun because they were a chocolate scent and more well-priced than other pore strips. Hopefully they work!


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