save it for a rainy day

First entry from the new MacBook! How exciting it is to blog from a computer that runs smoothly for once. No more freezing and lagging - yay!

Today, Jeff and I decided to go to Legacy Place - kind of a bad idea at first because it was raining and it's more of a plaza. But it didn't last too long! We went to Borders because they're closing down, but I was disappointed because it wasn't much of a sale yet. Books were only 10%. Magazines were 40% but most of the good ones were gone. I ended up getting a mini calendar and one book. Also we went to Urban Outfitters and I bought a couple of nail polishes because I'm addicted. I'm trying to buy shades that I don't have though! I got a bright purple and a nude color.

We went to eat at the Le's at the Atrium Mall, which I've never been before and I can see why. There's very little stores. Browsed a couple places, and then at Second Time Around I saw a pair of YSL Curvy Platform Pumps for like less than $300!! I really wanted to buy them, but I controlled myself since we just bought a new laptop. Sigh.

After eating we drove back the Legacy Place to see Captain America at the movie theater. Eh, it was okay, not the best Marvel movie.

How is everyone's week going?


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