tax-free weekend

On Saturday, Ebisuya Market was having a little festival so Jeff and I got up early and dropped by! It wasn't anything big, but they were selling some yummy goodies like takoyaki, snow cones, and cotton candy. We bought a lot of it...haha...and then some more random foods from the market itself. Went shopping for a little bit afterwards hoping that maybe there'll be some good tax-free weekend sales, but I didn't find anything I really liked. We ate at American Joe's, which was kind of a bad idea considering that it was right before dinner at my grandparent's! But I forced myself to eat both meals - I was so full.

Today, Jeff and I went shopping again and left empty handed again. Oh well, I'm trying to save money nowadays. We ate at Wasabi, the new restaurant that opened at the Natick Collection. Jeff was really excited about it, and it ended up disappointing. The sushi wasn't all that great; it tasted like any other sushi you could get at the supermarket. But the service was beyond horrible. Yes, they were understaffed, but nonetheless, sucky. We did a lot of grocery shopping after and piled up on food.

I'm in a blehhh mood, don't really want to do anything~


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