dolly wink

I've been meaning to blog about my new Dolly Wink eyeliners, but I've been a bit lazy. I haven't been blogging all that much lately because I haven't been shopping - besides that and work, I basically just sit around all day and watch shows. It's the sad truth.

Anyways, I purchased the Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner last year when it first came out because the packaging was adorable and I heard good things about it. So when mine started to die out, I was very upset. So Jeff decided to surprise me and bought a new one for me online - but he bought the regular eyeliner, not the liquid one! He went back online and then bought me the limited-edition liquid one, which has a hot pink exterior as opposed to the original light pink :)

It's my favorite liquid eyeliner ever, so I highly recommend it! It's too bad it's a little difficult to find. The pencil one is okay, but not something I would repurchase.


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