red white and blue

A little late here, but happy Fourth of July/Independence Day to all you Americans (or even if you're not!). Celebrated the US of A's birthday with what else but a barbecue? So we helped ourselves to some grilled food and then for some reason decided to head out to Target...but I got myself a new magazine & razor/sunscreen/shaving cream set in the process. We then headed over to Jeff's relatives' house for another bbq. We checked out the local carnival where he bought me a Lady Gaga-esque disco stick and attempted to win me a goldfish. Then the whole family parked their lawn chairs in the front yard and watched the fireworks show with a front row view.

And Jeff also insisted we light a couple of our own fireworks in an empty parking lot. We had to be stealth, since they're not legal in Massachusetts...

Until next time!


photo - the cobra snake

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