This was written two days ago but I just posted it now...

I have a bad memory so when I wait to update about the weekend, my brain kind of mushes up. It's because I usually get home late and am too tired to write. And I also haven't been taking many photos so sorry if the posts are bland.

On Friday, Jeff and I went to eat dim sum, since it's been a while since. After that, it was time to shop. We walked around Newbury Street and the Prudential Mall for a little bit. Jeff bought me a tote from Marc by Marc Jacobs and he bought a suit jacket from H&M. I also picked up a brush cleanser from MAC.

That evening, we met up with some of my best friends from high school. We are all leaving for college soon, so we wanted to get together. We ate Chinese food in a playground and then got ice cream sundaes at Friendly's before running through the parking lot in shopping carts and sitting in Best Buy before it closed. It was like the first time I'd seen them all summer!

Saturday was Jeff's 19th birthday! We went to eat dim sum again
with his brothers. Then I was being lazy so I slept in his bed while he cleaned his room. Yes, I suck. Later, we decided to go to the mall before we went to eat at Minado's for dinner. I get full too easily for buffets.

Yesterday, Sunday, was pretty much a lazy day. We watched a lot of TV (The Italian Job, Harry Potter, ABDC) and went grocery shopping for unhealthy packaged foods. It was still good though. Hehe.

It is my last week of work and then on Saturday, I move into my dorm. I can't wait. Still have a little dorm shopping to do though.


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  1. what happend to the blogging... :(, some new account huh -_-


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